GHY Stones Inc.
::::: Stone Product :::::

Interior Decoration

· Stone Fireplace
· Granite Countertop & Vanity Top
· Stone Bathtub
· Sink & Marble Shower Tray
· Waterjet Medallion
· Stone Mosaic

Exterior Cladding

· Stone Column & Pilaster
· Stone Balustrade & Stair
· Window Sill Surround
· Door Surround
· Quoins & Water Table & Banding

Garden Ornament

· Stone Planter
· Stone Urn
· Stone Table
· Stone Gazebo
· Garden Stone Fountain
· Marble Statue
· Marble Bench
· Floating Sphere
Special Stone Product
· Granite Monument

Stone Sample

· Marble
· Granite
· Limestone
· Travertine
· Sandstone
· Onyx
· Slate-Quartzite
::::: Wood Products :::::
· Solid Wood Door
· Solid Wood Cabinetry
· Classic Furniture
· Wood floor
 ::::: Wrought Iron Work :::::
· Wrought Iron Door
· Stairs
· Wrought Iron Metal Fencing
· Iron Furniture




GHY’s new factory is fully in function..
GHY participated the 2011 Coverings show in Las Vegas, NV.
GHY opened it’s branch company in Baldwin park, CA..
Interior Decoration
Hand-carved solid marble fireplace mantel from "old world" skilled designers and... ...
Exterior Cladding
GHY, China has introduced granite and marble column and pillars for your building... ...
Garden Ornament
GHY, China designs and carves hand carved, ornate, solid marble vases and stone urn... ...
Wood Products
All of our wood products including solid wood door, wood cabinetry, wood flooring and classic furniture are custom built to your exact specification... ...
Wrought Iron Works
All of our Wrought Iron Works including Wrought Iiron Gate Stairs Metal Fencing Iron Furniture are custom built to your exact specification... ...

Product----- Located in Beijing, China, GHY Stone is a leading fabricator of interior and exterior stone decorating of the highest quality. We specialize in crafting beautiful hand carved Marble Fireplace Mantels, Marble Stone Column, Window Sill, Door Surround, Garden Stone Fountain, Stone Balustrade, Stone Gazebo, Benches, Tables, Marble Stone Bathtub, Marble Shower Tray, Granite Countertop & Vanity Top, Marble Sculpture & Statue, Stone Planter, Marble Carving Border, Crema Marfil, Stone Mosaic, Black Granite, White Marble.

Material----- GHY brings in popular granite stone materials from quarries all over the world and maintains strong relationships with suppliers in China, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan . We offer more than 100 kind of granite stone materials, including White Carving Marble, Crema Marfil Marble, Black Granite, White Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Sandstone, Stone Bathtub and make it possible for our clients to choose their favorite materials with the largest selection .

Fabrication----- Water jet and other CNC processing equipments allow us to output large volume of standard products including granite tiles, marble medallion, pilasters, limestone and granite countertop, stone mosaic, stone bathtub, stone fireplace and other building products within short period of time, meanwhile the advantage of traditional hand-carved arts keeps GHY, China ahead of competition.

Customer----- Homeowners, architects, designers, contractors, developers, builders, masons are our the most important resources. The character of customized production for each customer or project is another competitive advantage. Whether big houses, marble sculpture, black granite, white marble, complex commercial buildings or residential projects, GHY, China offers necessary marble stone planter, fireplace, mosaic, products and services for them.

Relative Product----- The efforts in designing and manufacturing a few of relative products, such as Kitchen Cabinet , Bathroom Cabinet, Wooden Door Surround, Limestone, Wooden Furniture, Indoor, Outside Door Surround, White Marble Statue, Handrail Marble Furniture, Crema Marfil, Stone Mosaic , Marble Carving Statue, Black Granite Countertop, Marble Sculpture, Stone Fireplace will help our customers to perfect their decorations easily.
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